CrossFit Training


CrossFit is individual training in a group setting. Everyone does their own workout but together in a group. CrossFit is about training for the "unknown and unknowable." CrossFit is also the "Sport of Fitness." That is you can use CrossFit to create personal fitness for your own benefit and you can make it your sport and compete with other CrossFit athletes. 

What is the wod?

The Wod or Workout of the Day is the core of CrossFIt. It is what you do when you come. Everything is built around the Wod and it is the center of everything we do. We have 3 locations in Tallahassee and we do the same Wod across all 3 locations and all hours on the same day. 

How Is CrossFit like sports?

Training for sports is specializing training for what happens during the game. Everything that happens on the playing field is governed by the rules of the game. Real life is not like sports since there is no "rule book" for life.  Our Wod is more like life than it is sport.

How is CrossFit different than going to a regular gym?

Almost all "standard" gyms are based on a bodybuilding and cardio approach. This kind of training is concerned with muscle development and appearance. It involves isolation exercises that are quite foreign to natural human body movement. When you think of split schedules and alternating days for backs and legs then you are following a bodybuilding training scheme.

At Tallahassee CrossFit we are focused on whole body movements.  We believe everyone should be able to pick up heavy things, run, jump, pull themselves up and generally be able to do things. Everyone wants to look their best and the better you can do these things the better you will look.

What is the Tallahassee CrossFit difference?

All CrossFit affiliates are different. CrossFit is not a franchise and so there is very little central control. This means there is a great diversity of CrossFit affiliates. CrossFit Tallahassee was the first CrossFit affiliate in Tallahassee with a singular focus on CrossFit and most other CrossFit affiliates now in Tallahassee started with us. Since we started 2009 in our head coach Greg Keeter's garage we have worked hard to create the best possible CrossFit experience and training in Tallahassee. The fact that many have emulated us shows we are doing many things right.

What makes the difference at Tallahassee CrossFit?

  1. A challenging daily workout (WOD) with a constantly changing variety of movements that keep things interesting, and you coming back.
  2. A coach that teaches you proper and safer movements and encourages you to achieve high intensity levels that ensures great results.
  3. A community that supports your efforts and causes you to work harder and to come back for more.
  4. 2 locations in Tallahassee that enable you to get a workout no matter where you are.
  5. Flexible class times that allow you to fit a workout in no matter how busy you are.