Why are we different?

CrossFit is different in many ways.

Mostly we are different because other than safety, we value increased fitness over every other concern.

CrossFit is personal but not Personal Training

At CrossFit Tallahassee, we individually coach and track every athlete at every workout:

Coaching means many things which can vary by athlete, but for all athletes it means attending to the details of their movements while encouraging them to maintain a high intensity level. It means teaching proper form and proper attitude. It means being their fitness advocate even when doing so makes them uncomfortable. It means standing for a better version of themselves even if they don't believe they can do it.

Tracking means keeping the numbers. It means keeping score but also knowing the score of what the athlete needs to do their best. This could be scaling or it could be yelling encouragement, each to their own. At CrossFit Tallahassee, we are constantly questioning our methods and methodology. This means we try new things and ways of gaining insight into what is happening during the workouts. The more we know the more we can help our athletes. Knowing means record keeping. Records are essential to understanding where an athlete is in their training.

CrossFit is Not Personal Training

Personal trainers have a hard job. On one hand they have to push their clients to work hard, but on the other hand they also have to keep their clients happy. Push too hard and unhappy clients stop being clients. Comply too much with a client's wishes for the workout to be easier and fitness suffers. If you've been using a personal trainer for a while and don't see much or any change in your fitness then you need to make a change. Maybe take up some hobby or other. It'll probably be cheaper! But stop fooling yourself that you are "working out" and are therefore getting the benefits of exercise.

Fitness and CrossFit Tallahassee are long term enterprises

As with many things. fitness is simple, just not easy. If you depend on your body, and everyone with one does, then you have to take care of it. Taking care of it means you have to care for it. Think about that word, "care" for a moment. You have to care about your body. You can't deny it matters, it does. There is a reason why health is so important, many if not all good things come from being healthy and many if not all bad things come from not having your health. 

Fitness gives you a hedge against being sick. No one wants to be sick, but how many people are ok with being well? Being well is only one small step above being sick. Fitness is a step beyond well. Many people who settle for "well" end up in rest homes not because of any disease but because of decrepitude. Look it up! To be decrepit means to be weak or worn out due to age or neglect. Neglect! Neglect is a failure to care for something properly. See? Care is the first and most important element without it nothing matters.

As long as you have a body it needs you to care for it. CrossFit Tallahassee is not about whipping you into shape, heck we really don't much care about shape. No, we care about you being able to do more. No, we don't care about "toning," not that anyone can say what that is, so not much is lost there. We care about how fast you can move a heavy load a long distance. We care about how well you can squat, pull-up, push-up, sit-up, snatch, clean & Jerk, deadlift... The list goes on and on. We care about these things because people that can do them well are very fit. They can do whatever they want. They don't consciously or unconsciously limit themselves due to a frail or decrepit body. They are ready for whatever life brings them.

When can someone stop working out? When having a body no longer matters.  CrossFit Tallahassee plans to be here for the long term. We like this work, hell, we love this work. Why would we ever stop?

When should you stop caring about your fitness?