Ryan Abernathy

*I started at Crossfit Tallahassee back in the summer of 2014. I was only there for about a year before I moved away, but have great memories from my time there. I was pretty anti-Crossfit before joining CFT, but my year as a member changed my view of it—mostly due to the great coaching CFT has. Special shoutouts to Pat and John who really helped tweak some issues with some of my lifts that have proved incredibly helpful. Jason, Frankie, Greg, and Danny were all great as well and made me really appreciate the time I got to spend at CFT. I’m not sure I would have the same positive opinion about crossfit if I had joined another crossfit gym, which really speaks volumes about the quality of coaching this gym has. While I was never a “full-time” crossfitter, instead pushing my training closer to the powerlifting side of things, I always felt welcomed at CFT—even as a Gator in enemy territory—and enjoyed the time I got to spend there. Looking forward to next time in Tallahassee so I can stop by and say hi to everyone! 

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