Ted Randles

*I moved to Tallahassee for a one-year job, and I can say in all honesty that Crossfit Tallahassee has challenged me every day since I joined in November.  Even on the days when I skipped, I would feel guilty picturing the look of sad disappointment Pat would have if he knew I was taking a breather.  Thank you Danny for nursing me while I was a Crossfit baby.  Thank you Francis for teaching me to suck less and for showering Bear with affection.  Thank you Pat for your mercilessly high standards, for your exceptional teaching abilities, and for your inspiring eyebrow game.  And thank you Jason for keeping standards high while being somewhat less frightening than Pat.  I will miss you all, and I would welcome you to come visit me in DC, where the boxes cost twice as much but, I'm sure, won't compare to this one.


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