Jenna Rosenfield

*I spent 14 years of my life as a competitive gymnast and unfortunately had to quit because of rapidly progressing scoliosis. I was frustrated and in pain so I quit any sort of physical activity until the end of high school when I started going to the gym. I loved fitness but I quickly became bored and was looking for a way to switch things up, when during college I found CrossFit Tallahassee. I walked in the door just about two years ago and I never wanted to walk out…& I hate graduation for making me do so! 

CrossFit Tallahassee quickly became a second home to me. I loved the atmosphere, the friendships and how strong I felt. In two years, I went from being unable to do a pull-up to easily doing chest to bars and with a lot of practice I achieved my ultimate goal of muscle-ups! Through every work-out there are always others cheering you on and I truly felt I could talk to anybody which isn’t something I’ve ever really experienced. The community is incredible and the WOD is never over until the last person finishes. It was never about being the first one done, lifting the heaviest or running the fastest…rather it was about each person doing the best they can and improving themselves. 

Most importantly, I have yet to find another box with the same quality of trainers. Each workout I could rely on them to answer my questions, be encouraging and take some pretty cool (& unflattering) pictures. All of the trainers focus on safety and proper form and will always be there to help. They know who you are as well as your strengths/weaknesses…this is an invaluable quality that I have not experienced anywhere else. I have even dropped into gyms and I felt like no one knew that I was a drop-in because the gym wasn’t well acquainted with their own members. That will never be the case at CF Tally because they make a point to know you on Day 1. On the note of trainers, I have to give a special shout out to Pat. Due to my back issues, there were certain days when the prescribed workout was too much for my back to handle and Pat was always there to help me work around it to elicit the same physiological response without injuring myself. There were some days when that included coming up with an entirely different workout and I never felt like a burden for it…in fact, the only time I ever got any shit was when I didn’t show up for a few days! Pat would always encourage me and would never let me do any less than my best and I can’t thank him enough for all his help the past two years.

Thank you CF Tally for the blood, sweat and occasional tears (I’m looking at you 14.5/16.5) I am stronger, faster and happier than I was two years ago. My mindset has even changed as I probably haven’t said the word “can’t” in a solid year and a half. I cannot wait to come back and visit. 

If you’re looking for a place to improve yourself, make new friends and have a blast while doing it then look no further. You’ve found it. 

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