Jordan Lameier


*For my last semester of college I was looking for one last new thing to try.  An ad for CrossFit came up on my Instagram one day in January and I thought to myself "why not?"  So I gave Crossfit Tallahassee a call and Coach Greg set me up immediately on the Wodify app which allows athletes to track and analyze their stats. A few days later I sat through the intro to CrossFit class and that is where I realized that Crossfit was perfect for me. CrossFit is about fitness, not aesthetics  (even though aesthetics do come). After working with the trainer, Pat, and Coach Greg for roughly four months, I lost 20lbs and gained a tremendous amount of self confidence. Pat does a fabulous job at keeping the classes exciting and engaging. He also was able to answer all my questions to help me perfect my form. Crossfit Tallahassee is also very good at starting and ending classes on time. As far as my fitness progression goes, in six months I went from using the widest (easiest) resistance band for my assisted pull-ups to the skinniest (most difficult), my back squat went from 165 to my current one rep max 225, and my deadlift went from 175 to now 235. Little did I know back in January that my experience at Crossfit Tallahassee would be life changing. I now have something interesting to look forward to everyday. My progress is real and constant. If you're looking for a fun, clean, and diverse gym, Crossfit Tallahassee is the #1 choice!

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