CFTally Athlete Guide

Our vision is to create lifelong sustainable fitness for our members. Knowledge is key to achieving this goal. 

The content of the Foundations Personal Training session along with other important information is contained in the guide.

Here's the index and you can click here to see the complete guide.

CFTally’s WHY    4
CFTally Vision    4
CFTally Mission    4
Our Goal for You    7
CFTally Training Methodology    8
What is CrossFit?    8
What is a CrossFit Affiliate?    9
Results without Injury    10
Managing Intensity    11
Moving Efficiently    12
How do we coach?    14
Recovery    17
Nutrition    17
Sleep    19
Mobility    19
Active Recovery    19
Injury Mitigation    20
The CFTally Experience    21
Safety at CFTally    21
Using Wodify    23
Gym Decorum    26
Using Our Equipment    27
Bringing your Kids & Dogs to CFTally    29
Keeping CFTally Clean    30
Membership Policies    30
CFTally Services    32
Contacting us    34
Our Goal for You    34
Foundation Movements    35
Weightlifting    35
Gymnastics    37
Metabolic Conditioning    38

CFTally Foundations Personal Training Session

Starting is hard, CrossFit can be scary. We get it. That's why we do our best to make it easy for you. Our experience shows us the sooner we get you in the workouts the sooner you will see results. By ensuring we instruct each and every class on the movements in the workout regardless of who is in the class we can minimize the need for a long and involved Foundations or Onramp program. This approach has the added benefit of ensuring everyone is well versed in all aspects of the workout. 

Every CFTally member is assigned one of our full-time professional coaches as their Personal Coach. This is the coach that coaches the hour that you most often attend. They know you the best and provide you with the most customized workout. Developing this relationship is very important to your success, which is why your Foundations Personal training session is taught by your personal coach.

Foundation Personal Training session (1.5 hours) with your personal CFTally coach. Scheduled at a time that works for you.


Individual Personal Assessment

If you have CrossFit experience at another CrossFit affiliate then this is probably for you. As CrossFit has grown in popularity we find a wide variety of experience from members coming from the very diverse CrossFit community. This is a chance for us to assess where you are at and a chance for you to get some one-on-one time with your personal CFTally coach.