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Project U Boot Camp

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Project U Boot Camp is a 6 week fitness and nutrition program designed with U in mind.  It has been developed to educate and provide all the tools necessary to build a healthier mindset and lifestyle.

Our number one priority is setting campers up for success well beyond our six week program.  Whether you never worked out before, been out of the gym for an extended period, or just looking for a change, Project U can help achieve your health and fitness goals.

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During the six week program, you will have 18 in-gym workouts with a coach, 12 at-home workouts and 36+ additional at-home daily movements to complete.  We also incorporate a nutrition plan that is flexible and fits into most lifestyles.  It is a community based program ... you will workout together as a group with translates to accountability and FUN!

Project U strives for the goal of making this experience a real lifestyle change that is sustainable by all.

ProjectU Bootcamp Resources

We want everyone that commits to the bootcamp to be successful.

Here are some of the resources you will have access to while in the bootcamp.

  • A Free iOS or Android app that manages all of your bootcamp activities.

  • 18 workouts (3 a week) at CFTally

  • 12 at-home workouts to do on your "off" days

  • 36 additional at-home activities to help build your new healthy lifestyle

  • A professionally developed macronutrient profile to follow for your nutrition

  • A wonderful group of people that are focused on changing their life for the better!

Be successful and win prizes!

That's right!

Work hard and win your money back, a massage and more! Everyone's a winner if you put the time and effort into the bootcamp.


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The next camp starts on October 6th!

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