Why do we care about fitness?

This seems like a silly question, but its important to examine the benefits we get from going to the trouble of achieving and maintaining our fitness.  The most obvious benefits involve avoiding serious disease like the leading killer of men and women; heart disease.  Diabetes is another disease that greatly affected by one's activity.  I've been diabetic since 1991 and I know from personal experience what a dramatic effect exercise has on blood sugar.  I often think that if only I had been told years ago that short intense weightlifting three times a week would make such a huge difference!  

Certainly avoiding these and other similar diseases is reason enough to make serious exercise a daily activity.  Yet, I want to point out another benefit that I think is overlooked and under appreciated. We sometimes hear about stress reduction, but I have a different angle for you to consider.  Most of the time stress reduction is portrayed as resulting from the stress of the exercise itself, and this certainly happens but there is another beneficial aspect that  serious weightlifters and CrossFitters experience that other serious athletes may not.  It is my experience and belief that becoming stronger makes life easier and therefore less stressful.  Think about the normal movement that we all do during the day.  Moving around, getting in and out of cars, carrying groceries, book bags, and kids.  When one is weak these are more stressful than they are for strong people.  This amounts to a low, constant stress that saps ones energy.  As you get stronger this sort of stress disappears, so its no wonder fitter people feel more energetic, they are!  

Having more muscle is the key to many fitness goals.  If you want to lose weight diet is key but muscle burns fat, so the more muscle one has the less fat.  The key is to USE the muscle, not simply have it.  Size isn't as important as strength.  Bodybuilders create larger muscles on purpose. Let me reassure any women that might be reading this. You won't grow large muscles by accident and there is nothing we do at CrossFit that will make you muscular  in this way.  You'll get stronger and leaner but your muscles won't get bigger.

Making life easier is a fabulous reason for starting a serious exercise program, and (of course:) CrossFit has the best, most effective program available.

 Today's WOD:


5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.


15 situps

Run to Stop Sign

10 superman

15 situps

20 air squats

3 rounds

Yea, we like Cindy!

Elizabeth did 11 scaled rounds. A full range of motion is the key! Better to do knee push-ups rather than halting strict push-ups.

Teresa did 12 scaled rounds.

Mike did 12 prescribed rounds.

Mike is oh so photogenic, and an all around nice guy! We're happy he's joining us everyday!

Ok, I did 9 prescribed rounds, but I'm old, very, very old (ok, enough whining).

Sean did an amazing 18 and a half.  Pretty good for a guy doing his first Foundations class!

Check out the videos below.



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