Why have a fitness coach?

CrossFit uses a unique methodology involving olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning.  CrossFit also provides a WOD everyday and extensive videos demonstrating many of the exercises.  So given that all the information is available why come to CrossFit Tallahassee or anywhere else. Aside from purchasing all the equipment all you need is the time and interest to study and practice.  Many people do and get great results.  Such is the CrossFit methods, just do the work and you'll get results.

So assuming one is up to getting or building the equipment why go to a CrossFit affiliate?  One good reason is that many people just don't want to spend the time researching and studying exercise movements.  While many of these movements are simple they are also surprisingly subtle, and it takes lots of work to grasp what is proper and what isn't.  This is especially true for the fast movements like the clean and jerk and snatch.

After all many of us like good music but only a few people are interested enough to study it in order to recognize new music as better than average.  Instead we rely on those they are interested to help inform us of the best that's available.  Some might say that everyone ought to think for themselves and I'd agree, but relying on the expertise of others isn't the same as giving up one's responsibility.  It is the smart thing to do, and we do it all the time from mundane things like finding a good handy man to potentially life-changing choice of a good doctor or coach.  

Many times what we really what to know is, is this person the right person for the job?  Is this person competent to do the job?  Are they motivated by the right reasons?  In other words can we trust them to provide the knowledge and support we would supply ourselves if we had the interest and spent the time and effort to learn the material?

Today's WOD:

21 - 15- 9 reps

Power Cleans 155/75

Ring Dips

For Time.

Oh Boy!  Power Cleans are fun!

For the sake of form today everyone scaled and did the WOD without timing.

 Elizabeth working on the rings.Now, what could be so funny? Rings are not that much fun!


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