I can't believe I'm paying you to do this to me!


Of course we often pay people to help us, it just doesn't usually feel like this!  That's what I say about experience, I'm ok with paying for it I just wish it didn't cost so much!

Clarence did really well for his first Foundation session.  Don't worry Clarence soreness is just pain leaving your body!

Today Clarence learned how to properly squat, press and deadlift.  Then he did a mini-Cindy for 10 minutes and got 6 rounds!  You're going to see some huge gains!

I think Clarence has some experience doing these!Pullups, on the other hand, like for many are a new experience.

Today WOD:

Run 5k.


Samson Stretch

Overhead Squat

Abmat Situp

Good Mornings

Pull up

Ring Dips

3 rounds of 10




With the Holiday only Mike made it, and he almost didn't!

He ran the 5k in 28 minutes, and given  the amount of beer he drank this weekend (or so he says!) that's a good time!


I forgot to post this but on Saturday Nick and I did Tabata Everything, which is a continuous tabata of pullups, pushups, situps and air squats.  Nick beat me by a good margin; 266 to 214.  It was fun, but you know at some point muscles just stop.  At least for me they do.  The good thing is that point gets farther and farther away the longer we train.  Hallelujah!  There has to be some good come from the pain and effort! 


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