Beauty and the Body

Many people approach fitness with the primary goal of looking better.  While I don't think this is the best of reasons lets consider it since it is a popular motivation.  Wanting to look one's best isn't the problem.  There are many reasons this is a good idea and most of these are obvious.  The problem as I see it comes when someone approaches their goal with unrealistic expectations.  These expectations generally seem to be driven by popular conceptions of beauty.  

The usual way of expressing this is the pictures of women on fashion magazines but a similar thing happens with men and men's magazines usually concern abs and arms.  The problem with much of these images of beauty is they either depend on genetics or on extreme diet and exercise regimes. 

While I'm using the term genetics in a loose fashion I think it clearly illustrates the idea of some physical features we express are beyond our control.  It is silly to pursue changing characteristics about ourselves that are for most part are set and unchangeable.   Most women will never look like the women on the cover of those magazines because they do not share their genetics.

Men are influenced in a similar fashion.  They are told of numerous exercises to perform to create a six-pack or even an eight-pack!  The truth is that diet has more to do with seeing abs than the workout regime.  Big biceps are mostly useless.  Yep, useless!  I'd rather be able to do more pullups than "build" my arms.  The important question is what can you do not how you look.

Realistic expectations involve becoming a better version of oneself.  This is a goal that we can all realistically attain, and yet still something we can forever strive for.  I believe the fitter a person is the better they look.  Watching a few videos on might convince you too. Their competence in the broad range of physical challenges that CrossFit presents shows up in many ways that serve to make a CrossFitter look their best.  But its also more than shape and form its confidence and inner resilience.  CrossFit challenges confer a mental benefit though being able to complete the WOD.  This ultimately is what makes people attractive.  At least for it is me.

Today's WOD:

24" Box Jumps

24kg/16kg Kettlebell Swings

21-15-9 Reps for time.

Warm up:

Samson Stretch (30 Seconds each leg)

Overhead Squat 

Abmat Situp



Ring Dips

3 rounds of 10 reps


Kettlebell Swings


Mike kicked butt today and finished the WOD in 4:00.

 Maybe I ought to say his butt got kicked? But that's what happens to everyone all the time!

 Clarence worked on the second session of the Foundation series.  Today he worked on the front squat, push press, and sumo deadlift high pull.  Afterward he did a scaled Diane WOD consisting of body weight deadlift and push ups for 21-15-9 reps.

 The look of concentration! This stuff will focus your mind . . .

Push'em hard! That's the way we do it!

Ah! The wonderful relief that its all over...until tomorrow! Ha!



 Sean is also working on Foundations.  He completed the third session that included learning the overhead squat, push jerk, and medicine ball clean.  Then (just for fun!) he did a scaled Fran of 65# thrusters and pullups for 21-15-9 reps.  It seems yesterday he went to another gym-whose-name-we-won't-mention with his girlfriend and did, guess what?, yea thrusters!  I think he's really gonna feel them tomorrow!


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