This is a cool word!  To lollygag is to spend time aimlessly or be idle.  CrossFit athletes do not lollygag, but the same isn't true for those that go to a traditional gym.  I call this method (if you can call it that) working out by walking around, and if you are the least bit observant when you are in these gyms you'll notice lots of people that seem to be taking this approach.

CrossFit workouts are very much in contrast to this and are in fact choreographed.  Every element is chosen for a particular reason and its quite complex with many moving parts.  This intensive programming is key to the results that CrossFit is able to deliver, and the best part is the athlete doesn't have to deal with it at all.  All they need do is come to each workout ready to apply themselves with form and intensity.

Today's WOD:

Row 3 Minutes

10 Medicine Ball Cleans

10 Pullups

As many reps as possible in 20 minutes.


Samson Stretch (30 Sec per leg)

Overhead Squat

Abmat Situp

Good Mornings

Air Squats

Ring Dips

3 rounds of 10 Reps

Mike did 5.3 rounds, while Liz did 5.

Mr. Photogenic is really smiling. It musta been too easy!!!

 Liz seems nicely relaxed, yep too easy. . .

Clarence worked on overhead squat, push jerk, and medicine ball clean.  It gets pretty complicated doesn't it?

After the skill work Clarence then did a mini-Fran and was it ever fun, right Clarence?

 Its like Clarence is thinking, "I still can't believe I'm paying this guy to do this to me!" But its true!

The look of concentration!

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