Attaining balance is important in many areas and has been recognized for centuries. Avoiding extremes is what Aristotle partly meant by the golden mean and the Buddha who preached about the middle path.  Many look at the CrossFit workout of the day (WOD) and think it extreme and therefore unbalanced.  Yet, what they forget is sometimes to balance an extreme situation a correspondingly extreme reaction is required.

Most of us live lives that have little if any physical demands.  Life is easy in this regard.  We don't normally exert ourselves as life only a few decades ago required.  Yet, our bodies need physical simulation to be healthy.  In earlier times the idea of going to a gym was thought of as unnecessary. After all who would want to do more physical work when their days were filled with it.

The question most people face is how to get the physical stimulation or exercise they are told they need.  Many resort to extending their days and there are places that cater to them with 24 hour access.  Others think they can't put the necessary time in and so have to make choices.  They have been told that to be healthy they need some kind of resistance or weight training plus cardio.  The problem is usually that they don't have time for both, so what usually goes is the weight training.  After all its reasonable to conclude its better to be soft than die of a heart attack.

This is one reason why there are so many people on treadmills, training like hamsters!  And watching TV at the same time!  This kind of workout is just too boring. These machines with their built-in TVs and drink holders are the enlightened person's easy chair!  That's crazy!  There is a better way.  Train like an athlete.

A CrossFit workout proves what a false choice this kind of fallacious thinking really is.  Anyone whose ever done a "Fran" workout will swear they got both an anaerobic weightlifting workout and a metabolic conditioning or aerobic workout at the same time.  CrossFit combines the best science with the observations of some of the best coaches to combine different kinds of training in continuously varying workouts that enable anyone to get the best workouts of their life in an hour or less.  If you don't believe me then come try a workout, better yet try it for a month and if you don't agree, Hell I'll refund your money.  You won't get such a guarantee from any other fitness program in town!  CrossFit is nothing if not about results.

 Today's WOD

Tabata Something Else




Air Squats

8 Rounds of each exercise.  Each round is 20 seconds of work then 10 seconds rest.  Finish all eight rounds of each exercise before moving to the next.  10 seconds of rest between each different exercise.  There are 32 rounds in this series.  Scores are the sum of all reps for all exercises.


Samson Stretch (30 seconds per leg)

Overhead Squat

Abmat Situps


Air Squat

Ring Dips

Row 3 minutes

3 rounds of 10 each.


Back Squat

Tabata's are brutal but fun!  That's perverse isn't it!

This was Clarence and Sean's first regular WOD and a good first one it is!

It's hard to take pictures or video in such a fast moving WOD but here is Mike on the rings.



  • Sean: 376 (Kicking butt and taking names!)
  • Mike: 323
  • Liz: 305
  • Clarence: 295 (Scaled)


A wonderful job by everyone!  

Here's the after pictures, except for Liz, which I'm sorry to report I didn't get.  Next time for sure!

Clarence holding the wall up, or is it holding him up? Oh yea, tabatas!

Mike making sure it all stops moving before he moves again!

Sean making beautiful sweat angels! It warms the heart it sure does...



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