Contrary to what most of us want to think the human body is constantly adapting to its environment.  Sure I've said this before but in today's WOD we saw some clear examples.  Today's workout consisted of a very many push presses.  Now most guys are at least familiar with the shoulder press.  The push press is everything a shoulder press is plus the added benefit of a small dip (no more than about 2 inches) or bend of the knees.  Adding this dip allows one to increase the amount of weight one might be able to press by 25%.  Dipping is also a natural response when the weight becomes too much to easily press. One might say its the body adapting to the stress of a large shoulder press by bringing more muscle to the party.

Since no one has been training here very long the right weight to start for today's push press wasn't indicated by experience. So we made an educated guess.  In two cases we got the weight about right and in one we were a bit light.  How do I know this?  Clarence push pressed 65 pounds but was about to go 20 reps without rest.  In some later reps he also was pressing the weight.  This can only happen if the weight isn't too much to press.  If it were too much to press then he would have had to bring more muscle to bear and start push pressing.  Next time more weight for Clarence's push press.

For Mike we decided to go with 95 pounds.  This was about the right weight for him.  How do I know?  Well, even in the early rounds the most reps he could manage was 10, but this isn't definitive. The most sure way to know is he was never able to simply press the weight and once he slipped into the push jerk, which is the next level of progression where even (another 25%) more weight can be added to the push press.  After being cued he settled back to the push press.  It was hard for him to do it but possible and without resorting to another technique.  It was the right weight.  Sean also used 95 pounds but while he didn't push jerk he also could generally only do 8 reps, but of course he did more the first go and less later too.

In today's workout we can directly see how these guys adapted to the physical demands of the workout.  There are indirect adaptations effects too.  This include the general benefits of working out like increased muscle growth, increased cardio-vascular efficiency and ability to persevere in difficult circumstances.  All good results and all in a very efficient timeframe. Intensity equals results!

Today's WOD:

 40 Push Press 150/95

30 Air Squat

20 Ring Dips

10 Doubleunders

3 rounds for time


Samson Stretch

Overhead Squat

Abmat Situp



3 rounds of 13 reps.


Sumo Deadlift High Pull


Liz - 55# in 33 minutes.

Clarence - 65# in 32 minutes.

Mike - 95# in 22:28 minutes.

Sean - 95# in 25:53 minutes.

Great job everyone!  This was a tough WOD!  We don't see push presses often and maybe that's a good thing!  Not!!

Nice fluid squats!

Its tough but Sean is up to the task AND on 5 hours of sleep!  Way to stay with it!

Sean concentrating his energy!

Blast off!

Nice tat!



I think Mikey likes it!

No Problem!

Yes, he does like it! That's cool


 Now that's the kind of concentration I'm talkin' about!

Nice SDHP!

Come on Clarence, its not that bad!

I don't know. Liz seems to be wondering how she did all that. Perseverance! Be proud!


WOW! An awesome workout and efforts to match, well done!

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