Sometimes the (seemingly) easy ones are the hardest!

Today's WOD:

24" box Jumps x 15

Overhead Squat 95 lbs x 15

3 rounds for time

Sounds easy, right?  Yea


Samson Stretch

Abmat Sit-Ups

60 Sec L-Sit



Row 300m

4 rounds of 15 Reps


Mike 6:44 scaled 45 lbs OHS

Liz: Late night reading...

Clarence: 15:00 scaled 45 lbs OHS

Sean: 6:12 scaled 65 OHS

Teresa: 9:53 scaled 35 lbs OHS, 20" box

Adam: 4:54 Rx

This little workout may seem little but it packs a punch!

 Clarence, I thought we talked about using unfair means to get it done!

Active shoulders and lock those arms!


That's not his last will and testament.


I wonder what he'll think about rowing after tomorrow?

 Mike in mid-air!

 We had our first traveling CrossFitter Adam Steele from Atlanta.  This guy knows his stuff!  Check out the video.

It turns out that Adam and Sean went to High School together!  Yes, yes it is a small world!  They haven't seen each other since graduation.

Sean stretching for the girls. Sorry he's taken!


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