Back Levers and Handstands

Today's WOD:

Back Lever 3-3-3-3-3

 Handstands on parrelettes EROM 3-3-3-3-3


  1. Samson Stretch
  2. Overhead Squat
  3. Sit-up
  4. Hip/Back Extension
  5. Pull-up
  6. Muscle-up
  7. Shoulder ROM

3 Rounds of 10-15 Reps.


Back Levers



Doubleunders AMRAP 5 Minutes.

Morning Crew Results:

David: BL/HS Scaled 

Kevin: BL/HS Scaled

Suzanne: BL/HS Scaled

Larry: BL/HS Scaled

Afternoon Crew Results:

Chris: BL/HS Scaled, 100 du

Jose: BL/HS Scaled, 42 du

Terri: BL/HS Scaled, 38 du

Cesar: BL/HS Scaled, 5 du

Kim: Scaled, 90 singles

John: BL/HS Scaled, 207 du

Shaun: BL/HS Scaled, 63 du

Brian: BL/HS Scaled, 34 du

Aaron: BL/HS Scaled, 182 singles


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