Hardest Working CrossFitter Contest!

In honor of all of your hard work Teresa and I have come up with a way to ease your pain, at least a little bit.

For the next few months we'll be giving away a 60-minute full-body massage to the hardest working CrossFitter!

How can you be the beneficiary of this fabulous prize?  Here are the ground rules:

To be considered you have to have 20 training days in the month in question. Yes, if you miss one you can make it up on Saturday. If we are closed a day or two during the holidays those days won't count, so you won't need 20.

If you meet the first criteria then Teresa and I will consider your efforts and award the massage. Training more than 20 times in a month will not help you win the massage.

Yes, there is some measure of subjectivity but we promise to be as fair as we can. Besides there will be other months!

There is nothing else for you to do other than come often and train hard!

For everyone that doesn't win you can go see our favorite masseuse Terri. Her number is posted above the water fountain. She does a wonderful job and it's well worth the money! 

Greg KeeterComment