2009 Holiday Schedule and Hours

We'll be closing for a few days for the holidays. Resting and playing with the kids!

It's a good idea to come to a later or earlier time if you are off.

Check the schedule and come when the biggest crowd is here.

Here's the schedule until next year:

Tuesday, December 22: Regular Hours

Wednesday, December 23: Regular Hours  

***Special Holiday WOD***

Thursday, December 24: Closed

Friday, December 25: Closed

Saturday, December 26: Closed

Monday, December 28: Closed

Tuesday, December 29: Closed

Wednesday, December 30: Noon Class only!

Thursday, December 31: Noon Class only!

Friday, January 1: Closed

Saturday, January 2: Closed

Monday, January 4: Back to regular schedule!

Greg KeeterComment