Rest and Recovery

Many people who see my kids running around comment on their energy. I think I know where they get it, or at least part of the story. They go to bed every night by 8 and get up by 6:30. It's a simple thing but getting enough rest is a key ingredient to good health.  This is especially true if one is in training. Remember during recovery is where we get stronger. The workout wears you down and causes your body to rebuild stronger than before. It is only with rest can we recover from the work. Never downplay the importance of sleep.

Today's WOD:

Heart Plus!

20 Burpees

500m Row

20 Push-Ups

400m Run carrying a 20 or 12 lbs Medicine Ball

5 rounds for time.


60 sec. per side Samson Stretch

20 Overhead Squat w/bar

30 Abmat Sit-Ups

2 30-Sec. Supermans

10 Pull-Ups

3 rounds.


Liz: 49:23

Mike: 45:00

Clarence: 45:45 scaled

Teresa: 34:00 scaled

Everyone agreed this was a tough one! But which are easy, none!

Alright CFV here's Liz . . .


Supergirl! Getting ready for that GHD.

Watch those hands!

Yes, she did it all.

Clarence is about to take off!

For some reason Clarence didn't care much about the ball this morning.

But there he is going for another round! Atta boy!

Today's WOD was challenging for everyone. You all ought to be in bed by now!  That's where I'm heading . . .

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