As we march with the girls we're having a great time!  It was a busy day at the small CF Tally! We've had good reviews of the new web design and we hope to have new t-shirts in a week or two.  Also we got word today our new GHD is being built and will be shipped either this week or early next week. Everyone will be very happy I've had you do some many sit-ups and L-sits!

Today's WOD:


50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds.



For Time.


60-sec Samson Stretch

Run 400m


Ring Dips


Overhead Squat w/bar

5 rounds of 8 reps.


Teresa: 15:00

Mike: 13:44 scaled

Clarence: 28:20 scaled

Sean: 12:52

Todd: 7:55

Today we had two new members finish the first Foundation Session, and then do a mini-Cindy WOD.

Stephen: 7 rounds

Shaun: 7 rounds

Hope you're feeling better Liz, we needed you around this afternoon to counteract some of this guy stuff!

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