CrossFit Total!

The CrossFit Total is one way of assessing one's strength. It's also really fun and cool!

Today's WOD:

CrossFit Total

Back Squat

Shoulder Press


3 attempts at each lift. You cannot remove weight from the bar.

Total of all weights.



  1. 60-sec Samson Stretch
  2. Air Squat
  3. Abmat Situp
  4. 60-sec Superman
  5. Run 400m
  6. Push-Ups


4 rounds of 10.



Back Squat: 300 - 315 - 320

Press: 170m - 170m - 170m

Deadlift: 345 - 405 - 425m

CFT: 725


Back Squat: 325 - 350 - 400m

Press: 205 - 215m - 215m

Deadlift: 350 - 375m - 375

CFT: 930


Back Squat: 255m - 255m - 255m

Press: 115 - 135 - 155m

Deadlift: 225 - 275 - 305

CFT: 440

Good work everyone!  You did well but I know you'll all do better next time.


Sorry no pictures of Sean. I was too busy dodging his dropped squats! They were flying!  :-)

Shaun and Stephen finished their second Foundations session.  They learned about the Front Squat, Push Press, and Sumo High Pull Deadlift.

For their workout they did a scaled version of Diane that consisted of deadlifting bodyweight and push-ups for 21-15-9 reps.

Shaun did it in 14:21 while Stephen set a blistering pace for a total of 6:15.

These guys made a good effort and we're happy they've decided to join us!

Shaun is so happy he's done with Diane!

If you look close you can make out the transfer Shaun made with his sweat from his shirt. See the numbers?

So happy!

Stephen isn't being left out of the ecstasy!

Then comes the relaxation!

Now here are a couple of happy campers!


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