Fun, fun, Fun!

Today's WOD:

10 reps, 95 pound Sumo Deadlift High-Pull

10 Doubleunders

10 Ring Dips

7 rounds for time.


  1. 30-Sec Samson Stretch
  2. Run 400m
  3. Overhead Squat
  4. Abmat Sit-up
  5. Kettlebell Push-up
  6. Pull-up
  7. 30-sec L-sit

4 rounds of 13 reps.


Mike: 16:13

Liz: 22:00 scaled

David: 18:00 scaled

Suzanne: 13:00 scaled

Evan: 25:00

Clarence: Long time...

This was a fun workout!

David loves morning workouts!

Suzanne says she doesn't like to workout in the morning but I'm beginning to doubt her!

Mike just likes to workout regardless of the time.

Its too dark to get many pictures early in the morning but I did get some video.

Here's something for you Valdosta stalkers!

Evan is our newest member. He started today. Pretty good form for a newbie!

Clarence had fun today but he was moving none too fast!

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