Power Generation!

The ability to generate power isn't limited to electrical power plants.  Human muscle generates power too. Power is defined as the amount of work performed per unit of time.  Mark Rippetoe simplifies this by saying, "Power can be best understood as the ability to exert force rapidly" (SS 169).  The power clean is an exercise that starts as a deadlift and when the bar is approximately two inches above the knee in what Rippetoe calls the Jumping position the lifter jumps by quickly opening the hips and extending the legs and shrugging while keeping the arms straight. When done correctly the bar moves up to what is called the rack position.

While the weights are much lower in the power clean than the deadlift the power generated is much greater due to the speed.

Todays' WOD:

30 Power Cleans 95/65 lbs

800m run

30 Pull-Ups

3 rounds for time

Everyone substituted rowing for running.  It was too cold! I know we Floridians are wimps when it comes to the cold!


Samson Stretch

Overhead Squat w/bar

Abmat Situp


Air Squats

MBC w/20


3 rounds of 10 reps.


Mike 34:10

Liz 43:04

Clarence 49:02

Last Sunday Nick, Sean and I did the same WOD.  It was much warmer so we ran.

Nick 23:59

Sean 24:05

Hey I finished! Remember I'm old, very old!

 Liz showing good push-up form.

Check out Liz and her hand grips. Snazzy!

Liz in mid-kip.

Pulling hard!

Mike sure is happy about rowing, but I think he'd be sadder if he ran. It's cold!


Row, row

Yea, Mike's right, It is boring. . . Not that Liz is boring or even watching Liz. I've been dope slapped before!

Yea, but Mikey likes it anyway!

Although Clarence doesn't seem to be having fun, but he really is, right Clarence?


Simply put, the faster you move a heavy weight the more power you generate.  Now you know so go generate some power!


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