Sure it's cold!

But that didn't stop Mike and Sean!  Where are the rest of you guys! Hun?

Today's WOD:

Reverse Nancy

15 Overhead Squats 95 lb

400m Run (Yes, they ran)

5 Rounds


Samson Stretch

Abmat Situp

60 Sec L-Sit



Ring Dips

Handstand Push-Ups

3 rounds of 10 Reps.


Mike 18:10 65 lbs

Sean 9:44 95 lbs (3 rounds)

Teresa 13:04 40 lbs (3 rounds)

Mike is cooler than usual today.

Real Cool!

Now he's warm.


Mike did a great job today, especially since he was the first one to brave the cold!


Although being super-sore from his first Starting Strength workout Nick made it in for round 2 anyway.  He did a wonderful job with good form.  Now for the recovery time!  yea!

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