Tuesday, Tuesday

Today's WOD:

10 Medicine Ball Cleans

10 Burpees

7 rounds for time.


Air Squat

Burgener Warm-up

Push Press

GHD Sit-up

GHD Back Extension

Kettlebell Push-up

Samson Stretch

60-second Plank

4 rounds of 12 reps.


Sean: 10:00

Suzanne: 12:52

Liz: 12:54

Shaun: 13:38

Danielle: 13:12

Daniel: 27:53

Chloe: 20:14

Nick: 13:35

Stephen: 12:06

Now don't you just miss those extra three rounds we did last time, and the tabata sit-ups! Where are you when we need you Clarence!


Greg KeeterComment