What is a GHD, exactly?


I have a few Paleokits for you to try if you want.

Check out the CrossFit Games Qualifier in Jacksonville. Let's get together and make a road trip!

Speaking of getting together there is a group in town that is doing a Saturday workout in the park and we've been asked to attend. The date is Saturday, March 28th in Tom Brown Park. I'll get more details as we get closer to the date.

Also Suzanne has just about finished a cool t-shirt design and I'll be getting them made in the next week or two.

Maybe we'll have a new facility soon! More as I find out. . .

Today's WOD:


800m Run

50 Back Extensions

50 Sit-ups

3 rounds for time


Samson Stretch
Ring Dips
Burgener Warm-up
Air Squat

5 rounds of 8 reps.


Suzanne - 26:38

David - 26:38

Rick - 31:00 scaled

Derek - 28:09

Clarence - 38:50 with GHD Sit-ups

Teresa - Won't say

Mike - 25:07 with GHD Sit-ups

Stephen - 24:50

Shaun - 28:10

Sean - 20:49 with GHD Sit-ups

Danielle - 31:37 with rowing 1000m instead of running, when she really, really wanted to run!


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