Wednesday, Wednesday (Ok, enough of this...)

Today's WOD: 

1000m Row followed by

21-15-9 reps of 150/80 Push Press

Back Extensions



Kettlebell Push-up


Burgener Warm-up

GHD Sit-up

60-Sec Side Plank

Samson Stretch

3 rounds of 20 reps.


Clarence: 14:50

Suzanne: 15:40 scaled. She's MUCH stronger. Last time (Feb. 23) her 1RM was 67. Today she did 65 lbs!

David: 18:47

Evan: 13:35 scaled.

Danielle: 14:40 scaled.

Sean: 15:14 scaled.

Kevin: 26:23 scaled.

What fun this one was! Good push press technique makes all the difference...


Greg KeeterComment