Ascending not decending

Today's WOD:

Last Ascent

225 lbs Back Squat

30" Box Jumps

5-10-15 Reps for time.


200m Row

Burgener Warm-up

Back Squat

Push-up to Side Plank

GHD Sit-up

GHD Back Extension

60-Sec L-Sit

Samson Stretch


3 rounds of 13 reps.


Danielle - 5:44 scaled

Sean - 9:36

David - 5:52 Way to go!

Derek - 10:01 scaled

Rick - 10:23 scaled

Kevin - 14:29 scaled

Nick - 6:26

Shaun - 10:18 scaled

Stephen - 7:00

Things are coming right along. Joshua and I went and picked up the pipe and the fittings were delivered for the pull-up bar system. It's gonna be cool!  We're all set for Saturday. I hope you'll all attend if you can.

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