"You can talk all you want . . .

about being in good shape until you do a few CrossFit workouts, and then you will realize - like I did - that what you have been doing is likely training strong points, rarely working on weak points, and training efficiency to such a degree that the workouts you do are less effective than they might be if you mixed energy modes, duration, and types, of work."

- Mark Twight, Gym Jones


Today's WOD:

Row 500m

21 Burpees

Run 400m

3 Rounds for time.


Run 1 Lap

Overhead Squat

Back Extension


Red Bar Pull-up

Burgener Warm-up

Samson Stretch


4 Rounds of 6 reps.

Morning Crew Results:

Clarence - 22:35

David - 19:33

Suzanne - 23:30

Sean - 16:24

Danielle - 23:19

Liz - 605 Double unders, no she couldn't stay away from it!

Joshua - 15:30


Afternoon Crew Results:

Teresa - 22:51

Nick - 28:35

Shaun - 22:12

Stephen - 20:02


Greg KeeterComment