Tabata Row

Today's WOD:

Tabata Row



Burgener Warm-up

60-Sec L-Sit

Clapping Push-up

GHD Sit-up

GHD Back Extension

60-Sec Side Plank

Samson Stretch

3 rounds of 8 reps.


Liz: 261-189-208-194-266-157-141-189

Evan: 382-345-306-264-260-268-265-319

David: 397-376-353-333-314-332-304-332

Clarence: 181-213-168-190-205-184-188-179

Clarence v2: 265-228-153-200-201-206-206-213

Shaun: 409-140-144-148-152-149-151-147

Sarah: 135-119-115-112-111-110-111-113

Daniel: 273-90*-260-173-208-160-179-233

*Measuring Error

Bolded numbers are lowest and the score.

Tabatas are fast, furious and fun!

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