Improvements all around!


Today's WOD:

Back Squat Body weight.

Run 800m after each set.

21-15-9 Reps for time.

Last on February 26.


Medicine Ball Clean

Handstand Push-up



Back Extension

Front Plank

Samson Stretch

Burgener Warm-up


4 rounds of 8 reps.

Morning Crew Results:

Suzanne - 18:15 scaled.

Upped her squat weight 20 pounds and brought her time down 10 minutes! Yaaay! Way to go Suzanne! And you don't like running!

Sean - 16:04.

Bettered his last time by 1:26! Wow!

Derek - 18:00.

As prescribed, last time squatted 135/115. This time he did body weight.  Getting stronger! Now time begins to count!

Rick - 21:18.

Last time he skipped the last round, but no skipping this time. Getting better all the time!

Liz - 18:55.

First time WOD, long time CrossFitter. Now you have a time to BEAT.

Clarence - 23:41.

Beat his last time by 1:19! Another WOW!




Afternoon Crew Results:

 Stephen - 18:19. 

Shaun - 19:11. Scaled

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