She's such a challenge!

A Strong Man.

A Strong Woman.

Today's WOD:


Deadlift 225/155 lbs

Handstand Push-up

21-15-9 Reps for time.

Last on March 24, 2009.

Athlete's Choice


  1. Run 2 Laps <<<
  2. Overhead Squat
  3. Ring Pull-up
  4. Samson Stretch
  5. Burgener Warm-up
  6. L-Sit

1 Round of 12 Reps.

A Word about CrossFit Fitness Results

CrossFit methodologies aren't ideological. That is we don't use the methods we do simply because they are the methods we subscribe to. We use them because when we do we get stronger, faster, and in a word we become more fit when we use them.

Except for Laura everyone in the morning crew performed the Diane Wod on March 24, 2009. Today, each athlete bested their earlier effort.

David went from 11:15 and using a green/blue bands to 8:15 using a blue/blue band.

Evan went from 11:30 using a triple-wrapped green/blue band combination to 8:48 using a standard green/band.

Clarence decimated his earlier effort of 13:46 with a 6:38 performance this morning! He used a blue/blue band where in the earlier effort he used a green/blue band for the handstand push-ups.

Some might argue that these results are special because of who these athletes are, and they would be right but only because these guys are committed to CrossFit training. They are very different people with very different lifestyles, genetics, etc. Really the only common factor is that they train at CrossFit Tallahassee!

A wonderful performance by everyone! While challenges remain, (especially those pesky handstand push-ups!) they are making wonderful progress.

Morning Crew Results:

Clarence 6:38 Scaled - Cleans

Evan 8:48 Scaled - Power Clean & Jerk

David 8:15 Scaled - Dips

Laura 13:56 Scaled - Run 1200m 8:07 

Afternoon Crew Results:

Nick 10:17 Scaled - Clean

Ian 10:19 Scaled  - 400m Run

Tyler 14:38 Scaled

LaNedra 16:35 Scaled - Tabata Sit-ups: 12/10/10/12/10/10/10/10

Brian 14:05 Scaled - Tabata Sit-ups: 11/10/8/9/7/7/7/8

Chase 14:07 Scaled - Tabata Leg Lifts: 12/11/10/10/9/9/8/9


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