How fast is your Fran?

Tyler has something to be proud of today!

Today's WOD:


 Thrusters 95/65 lbs


21-15-9 reps for time.

Skill: Muscle Snatch Practice


  1. Run 2 Laps>>>
  2. Burgener Warm-up
  3. Overhead Squat
  4. Burpee
  5. Samson Stretch
  6. L-Sit
  7. Ring Dip

1 Round of 12 Reps

Morning Crew Results:

Clarence 4:40

David 5:58

Evan 7:28

Suzanne 10:00 scaled

LaNedra 10:56 scaled

Chase 12:36 

Laura 11:54 scaled

Catherine 14:25 scaled


Afternoon Crew Results:

Steven 7:06

Teresa 12:56 Scaled

Shaun 9:13

Brian 18:13

Tyler 14:48

Nick 5:29 

More Great Results to Report

Tyler has been CrossFitting with us since the middle of April and he's made huge strides in his fitness. In thirty training days, Tyler has increased in every metric. He increased his push-ups and sit-ups by double, and his body weight squats went from 34 to 44. While at the same time he decreased his average running time by 9 seconds. Amazingly, his pull-ups went up by a factor of ten from 2 to 20!

Check out his fitness assessment form below:


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