He'll Chew you up!

Alas, we say goodbye to Evan as he goes off to grad school. Never fear he'll be back!

Today's WOD:


30 Cleans 95/65 lbs

30 Pull-ups

800m Run

3 rounds for time.

Morning Crew Results:

Clarence 31:45 Scaled

Evan 25:51

David 28:22 Scaled

Suzanne 32:41 Scaled

Chase 41:50 Scaled

Laura 38:14 Scaled

Catherine 41:32 Scaled

Afternoon Crew Results:

Kevin 50:42 Scaled

Ian 62:40 Scaled

Teresa 26:32 Scaled

Brian 40:40 Scaled

Seth 35:33 Scaled

Tyler 38:35 Scaled

Shaun 47:13

Once again Shaun is setting the standard. Due to some trainer fumbling the proper instructions weren't communicated and most people did power cleans, but not Shaun! Squat cleans the whole way!  Yea Shaun!


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