Jim, he's dead!

The new sign!Now we really look the part!

Today's WOD:

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

Last on April 17 & March 6

Athlete's Choice


Run 2 Laps <<<

Burgener Warm-up

Red Bar L-Pull-up

Samson Stretch


Rope Climb

2 Rounds of 6 reps.

Morning Crew Results:

Kevin: 225-245-255-275-225

David: 315-335-355-370-370

Suzanne: 125-145-165-170*-145

Afternoon Crew Results:

Teresa: 105-115-125-145*-125

Brian: 225-225-245-255*-245

LaNedra: 135-185-205*-185

Seth: 315-335-355-385

Chase: 205-225-245-255-275*

Nick: 225-315-355-370*-315

Catherine: 135-155-170-180-190*

What a performance by everyone! Lots of PR's* today. If only everyday could be like today! Well done!

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