Rowing and Mid-line Stabilization

We thought Sushi was gone for the month but here she is.

Today's WOD:

Row 2K
30 Hip Extensions
30 Glute Ham Sit-ups
For time.


  1. Row 5 minutes
  2. Hip/Back Extension x10
  3. GHD Sit-up x5
  4. Samson Stretch


GHD Sit-ups


Burgener Warm-up w/bar x10
Roll & Stretch

CFTally Athlete Results:

Brandi 11:15 (Goodbye, come back and see us soon!)

Jolly Green 12:05 Scaled

Kim Possible 13:00 Scaled

Chris (Traveler) 13:16

Keith 11:26 Scaled

Joker 10:29

Professor 10:00PR

Wayne 12:00

Sushi 13:40 Scaled

Mighty Mouse 13:20

Rubber 11:06 Scaled

Brian 10:57PR (By one second! :-)

UpMan 10:03PR

Counter 10:59PR

SpeedRacer 11:33

Kelly B. 12:36 Scaled

Jennifer 13:43 Scaled