Something for the Shoulders

Wayne is flying! Hold on to him Eric!

Today's WOD:

4 Skin the Cats
4 Back Levers
5 Rounds not for time.


  1. Samson Stretch
  2. Overhead Squat 
  3. Sit-up
  4. Reverse Hyper
  5. Shoulder ROM
  6. Pull-up
  7. Burgener Warm-up
3 rounds of 10-15 reps.


Skin the Cat
Back Lever


Jump Rope 5 Minute AMRAP
Roll & Stretch

Morning Crew Results:

Sal - Dips & Elevated Push-ups 220S

Chad 45DU

Kathy 502S

Larry 378S

Amanda 31DU

Suzanne 175DU

Jose 35DU

Chris 519S

John ?

Michael 217S

Bill L.

Kim 350S

David 132DU

Teresa 55DU

Afternoon Crew Results:

Ali 61DU

Holden 655S

Kelly G. 70DU

Tyler 45Du

Eric 416S

Juliet 431S

Trey 36DU

Brian 501S

Keith 415S

Wayne 13DU