Wedding Kettlebells are Ringing!

Yes, that is a weighted vest she's wearing. That's Suzanne!

Today's WOD:

Suzanne's Wedding Kettlebell WOD
100 Wedding (Kettle)bell Walking lunges down the aisle.
80 (Kettlebell) Swings to the music.
60 Raise a Toast to the bride and groom (Kettlebell Push Press)
40 Something Blue (Kettlebell Blue box step-ups) 20"
20 Something New (Kettlebell GHD Sit-ups)
Say farewell with a 400m partner run.... both member must hold Kettlebell together on run. Lose your grip and both burpee!
Partner for life WOD for time: With a partner complete the following with one kettlebell 24/20/16kg (M/M 24kg, M/W 20kg, Singles 20kg) switching as needed.  Kettlebell can not touch the ground or you each do 5 burpees.
This is Suzanne's last day with us as she is moving to Savannah and will soon be married to Craig.  We wish them the best!  Stay in touch!


  1. Samson Stretch
  2. Air Squat x10
  3. Kettlebell Swing x10
  4. Sit-up x10
  5. Kipping Pull-up x10


All things Kettlebell.


Roll & Stretch

CFTally Athlete Results:

Shawn & Melanie: 26:05 Scaled.

David C. & Suzanne: 18:14

Mike: 24:33 Scaled.

Kim & Red: 22:10 Scaled.

Stewart: 13:37

Jay & Wendy: 25:35 Scaled.

Chase 20:23 Scaled.

Trey & Catherine: 18:59

Shaun & Debi: 23:45 Scaled.