This is a special WOD in memoriam of Benjamin "Bugaboo" Abruzzo III to raise awareness for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).  "Bugaboo" lived for just 200 days before he lost his battle with SMA on December 29th, 2005.  Donations are not required, but if you would like to make one you can do it here.

Today's WOD:

200 Thrusters 75/45 lbs
For time.


  1. Samson Stretch
  2. Overhead Squat 
  3. Thrusters light bar only
  4. Hip/Back Extension
  5. Walking Lunge
2 rounds of 10 reps.




Skin-the-Cat 5x
Roll & Stretch

CFTally Athlete Results:

Shawn 50:20 scaled

Bill 46:49

Melanie 33:08

John 36:33

Trey G. 34:38

Melissa 32:05 Scaled

Amanda 27:18

Wayne 32:04

Teresa 32:52

Kim 36:35

Jennifer 24:13 Scaled

Levi 18:34

Rick 30:00 Scaled

Shawn 26:11

Joel 30:09

Ashleigh 38:03 Scaled

Kelly 33:10

Thanks to everyone for their generous donations!!