Hold on Tight!

Nice back lever!

Today's WOD:

25 Ring Pull-ups
10 Muscle-ups
25 Ring Dips
15 Skin-the-Cat
10 Back Levers
10 Front Levers
For time. 
Never give up form for time.
Never go to failure on gymnastic moves.


  1. Jump Rope 200 Singles x1
  2. Samson Stretch
  3. Shoulder ROM
  4. Squat
  5. Front Squat w/bar
  6. Ring Push-up
2 rounds of 10 reps.


Front/Back Lever


Roll & Stretch

CFTally Athlete Results:

David C. 40:00 Scaled.

Trey G. 40:00 Scaled.

Melissa Practice

Shawn Practice

Anne Marie Practice

Johnson Practice

Sushila Practice

Lauren Practice

Joel Q. Practice

Shelby Practice

John 24:51

Susie Practice

Levi ?

Shaun 42:26

Keith Practice

Catherine Practice

Sahil Practice

Kelly B. Practice

Susie's having fun!

Another nice back lever. Good assist Shaun!