The Dirty Ones

Today's WOD:

The Dirty Ones
50 Burpee Tuck Jump
50 Chin-ups
50 Step-ups 24/16kg 20" Box
50 Kettlebell Twist 24/16kg
50 One-arm Kettlebell Swing 24/16kg Alternate Arm
50 Kettlebell Power Swing  24/16kg
50 Steps Farmers Walk 32/24 KB
50 Burpee Long Jump
For time.


Run 2 Laps
Samson Stretch
Air Squat x10


One-arm Kettlebell Swing
Kettlebell Power Swing


Roll & Stretch

CFTally Athlete Results:

Ashleigh 47:05 Scaled

Melissa 44:53 Scaled

Shawn 54:10 Scaled

David C. 39:15

Kim 30:18 Scaled

Cindy 34:37 Scaled

Trey G. 30:39

Anthony 32:30

Brian 50:51

Johnson 44:30

Chris 42:30 Scaled

Shaun 40:15

Liz 42:46

Kelly B. 21:44 Scaled

Amanda C. 37:30

Trey C. 35:33

Terri 40:00

Isabella 42:43 Scaled

Lizzie 40:29 Scaled

Amanda U. 42:07 Scaled

Jonathan 46:10 Scaled

Anthony B. 43:48 Scaled

Keith 41:10

Sahil 38:15 Scaled

Rick 36:50

 Our morning people wake to the wod. What more can you say?

It looks like Anthony is threatening to take off!

Chin-ups are not pull-ups, are they guys?

Liz getting her usual air!

Step-ups seem easy.

Maybe they are easy? That would be wrong.

Good friends, good dogs and hard wods make great friendships.