Love those Wall Climbs!

Sadly, we say goodbye to Stealthman and K-Belle. Not really goodbye but see you later! You'll be back!!

Today's WOD:

5 Wall Climbs
Row 300m
15 Minute AMRAP


  1. Jump Rope 100 singles
  2. Row 3 minutes
  3. Samson Stretch
  4. Shoulder ROM
  5. Overhead Squat x10
  6. Ham Walk X10
  7. Ring Dips x10
  8. Skin the Cat x3


Wall Climb


30 GHD Sit-ups
Weighted Ring Dips 3-3-3
Roll & Stretch

CFTally Athlete Results:

Brennan 3+5WC   GHD/ Ring Dips Scaled

Standard 5  Ring Dips 10lbs/GHD

Jolly Green 3+WC  Ring Dip Scaled Abmat

Ribberman 4+100m Ring Dips 20-30-35 Abmat

Kim Possible 5+60m Scaled Ring Dips/GHD Scaled

Little "T" 5+3WC Ring Dips/Scaled GHD

Sarge 5+3 PU Scaled/Subbed 

Marianna 4 Scaled  


Mighty Mouse 4+5WC Ring Dips

Brian 3+5 WC / 40-70-95(2)

Stoner 6+5 WC / 45-70-95 (2)

The Sicilian 5 Subbed

Professor 7+2 WC / 45-70-90

Levi 7+120m / 45-65-70

Monkey 2+286m

KitKat 2+245m

U GoGirl 2+4WC

Jason 2+5WC Scaled

Bill 4+3 PU Scaled

JuJu 4+6PU Scaled

StealthMan 3+200m


Happy 6+5 WC / 25

K-Belle 3+230m

Kevy 4+5 WC