Can you finish one round?

Lots of work on the pull-up/chin-up bars!

Today's WOD:

Run 400m
75 Push-ups
50 Pull-ups
25 Strict Chin-ups
Run 800m
15 Weighted Chin-up 45/15 lbs
15 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups
15 Clapping Push-up
20 Minute AMRAP


  1. Run 400m
  2. Walking Lunge w/rotation x20
  3. Shoulder ROM
  4. Walk: Inside, outside, heel, toe
  5. Pose: Wall Drill 2x20
  6. Group: Burgener Warm-up x2


Running Mechanics
Chest-to-bar Pull-ups
Clapping Push-ups


Personal Challenge Work
Stretch: Simple Five Way Shoulder

CFTally Athlete Results:

Courtney 200m Scaled

Brooke 25 Pull-ups Scaled

Ryan 15 Chin-ups

Ronbo 11 Chin-ups Scaled

Will 400m Scaled

Jolly Green 7 Chin-ups 

BAMF 7 Chin-ups Scaled

OMD 1 Weighted Chin-ups

Mike 10 Weighted Chin-ups Scaled

Harold 400m Scaled

Stephen 600m Scaled

Andy 700m Scaled

Chevy 21 Chin-ups

Tiger 400m Scaled

Luisa 400m Scaled

Mr.  Clean 800m Scaled

Jorge 400m Scaled

"L" Bigfoot 1 CTB Pull-up

Kim Possible 800m Scaled

Reynold 400m Scaled

Charlie 400m Scaled

Sam 400m Scaled

Special K. 5 CTB Scaled

Stoner 1 Round

Mighty Mouse 800m

 Andrew 12 Chin-ups Scaled

Will 25 Chin-ups Scaled

Professor 1 Round + 50m

James 8 Weighted Chin-ups

Marcello 2 Weighted Chin-ups Scaled

Jaimi 400 Scaled

Stephen 400 Scaled

Sara 800 Scaled

Susie Burpee 800 Scaled

Kirby 800 Scaled

Ian 2 weighted Chin-ups Scaled

CoCo 25 Chin-ups Scaled

Slash 15 Pull-ups Scaled

Alecia 15 Chin-ups Scaled

Carlos 25 Chin-ups Scaled

Monkey 800 Scaled

Supergirl Scaled

Couchfit 3 Chin-ups Scaled

Carnivore 1 Round

Upman 800m

Gustavo 800m Scaled

Flex 800m Scaled

Jason 1 Weighted PUll-up Scaled 

Ashley 800m Scaled

Sarge 800m Scaled

Counselor 800m Scaled

Karissa 800m Scaled

Danny 3 Weighted Chin-ups Scaled

Nicole 800m Scaled

Dylan 25 Chin-ups Scaled

Joey "Chance" 11 CTB Pull-ups

Zach 400m Scaled

OX 16 Chin-ups

Cornbread 25 Chin-ups