CF Open WOD #5

Today's WOD:

CF Open WOD #5
5 Power Cleans 145/100 lbs
10 Toes-to-Bar
15 Wallball 20/14 lbs 10ft/9ft
20 minute AMRAP


  1. Squat 20x
  2. Shoulder ROM
  3. Squat Stretch
  4. Hang Power Clean x5 w/bar
  5. Power Clean 5 in 5


Power Clean
Wall Ball


Athlete's Choice
Roll & Stretch

CFTally Athlete Results:

Brennen Scaled/subbed

Professor 8+6 tb

Ron F. Scaled 4+5PC

Sarge scaled/subbed 6+

Little "T" 6+5PC+9toes to bar

Stoner 7+5PC

Kim Possible scaled 4+5PC+3WB

Mighty Mouse Scaled 5+5PC+10toes to bar+5WB

Zach 7 Scaled

Theresa 5+3PC+3TTB Scaled

CouchFit 4+5PC

Yvette 5+3PC Scaled

Rubberman 6+5PC+3TTB

Monkey 6+5PC+3TTB

Jenny 5+2PC Scaled

KitKat 4+2WB Scaled

Brad 5+5PC+1TTB

Jason Subbed

Via text Levi aka Carnivore got 10+2PC !