Rings, Rings, Rings....

Love it, Love it, Love it!

Today's WOD:

2 Muscle-ups
4 Skin the Cat
6 Rin L-sit Pull-ups
9 Minute AMRAP


  1. Shoulder ROM
  2. Squat Jump x10
  3. Samson Stretch
  4. Overhead Squat x10 w/bar
  5. Snatch 10 in 10


Skin the Cat
Ring L-sit Pull-up


Tabata GHD Sit-ups
Group PNF Stretch

CFTally Athlete Results:

Terri 2 Rounds Scaled

Joker 3 Rounds + 1MU Scaled

Shelby subbed

Yvette Practice NFT

Jorge Practice NFT

Mike Practice NFT

Mighty Mouse 2 Rounds Scaled

Brad 2 Rounds Scaled

Alex 2 Rounds Scaled

Zach 2 Rounds Scaled

JuJu 4 Rounds Scaled

Abi 3 + 2 MU Rounds Scaled

Speed Racer 5 Rounds Scaled

Greg KeeterComment