Team Decisions...Either This or That

Today's WOD:

Either This or That...Partner Wednesday
Run 800m OR Farmers Walk 200m with two 45/35 lb Dumbbells
70 Kettlebell Swings 24/16 kg OR 30 Kettlebell Snatches 16/12 kg
70 Pop-Ups (burpee w/o push-up) OR 30 Burpees
70 Ring Rows OR 20 Muscle-ups
70 Hand Release Push-ups OR  30 Weighted Push-ups 35/15lbs
Run 200m backwards OR Walking Lunge to Stop sign
70 Squats OR 10 Rope Climbs
For Time.
Both partners must choose the same option. Only one works at a time but all run.
Time Limit: 25 Minutes


  1. Jump Rope 5 Minute AMRAP
  2. Squat Jump x10
  3. Shoulder Swing x10
  4. Overhead Squat w/bar x10


Ring Rows
Rope Climb
Kettlebell Swing


Stretch & Roll: Athlete's Choice

CFTally Athlete Results:

John R. 102DU 18:50 with Terry

Joker 105DU 15:41 with Will

Terry 76DU 18:50 with John R.

Steven L. 60DU 15:22 with Bill

Jessica D. 420 S. 23:46 with Joslyn

Joslyn S 433S 23:46 with Jessica

Heath P. 93DU 21:05 with Marcus

Will B. 30DU 15:41 with Joker

Marcus 400S 21:05 with Bill

The Sicilian 260S 22:04 with Ronbo

Beca B. 20DU 15:35 1/2 Alone

Joe L. 95S 21:44 with Special K.

Special K. 55DU 21:44 with Joe

OMD 228DU 10:57 with Collin

Rick B. 22DU 16:15 with Harold

Harold 61DU 16:15 with Rick

Samantha G. 324S 21:54 with Coco

Coco 320S 22:54 with Sam

Matthew K. 17:32 with traveler

Sarge 19:21 with Sarge

James B. 19:21 with Sarge

Sandy S. 10DUs 19:04 with Luisa

Erin 420S 19:05 with Charlotte

Charlotte 4DU 19:05 wit Erin

Luisa 80DU's 19:04 with Sandy

Chance 197DU 11:50 with Rich

Road Runner 70DUs 14:06 with Craig

Craig 45DU 14:06 with Roadrunner

Rich 200DU 11:50 with Chance

Jessica H. 28DU 24:23 with Kim

Kim Possible 61DU 24:23 with Jessica

Amish 405DU 15:11 with Rutrow (Amish-most Doubleunders!)

Rutrow 350S 15:11 with Amish

Cornbread 185DU 15:48 with Casey

Jimmy 703S 10:42 with Andy

Andy O 256DU 10:42 with Jimmy (fastest team time!)

Alex M. 545S ? with Daniel T.

Daniel T. 380S ? with Alex

Casey 178DU 15:48 with Cornbread

Lindsey S. 450S 23:24 alone 1/2

Stoner 220DU 12:20 with Carnivore

Ryan V. 38DU 21:24 with Joey

Joey B. 403 Singles 21:24 with Ryan

Tarah R. 512 singles 20:06 with Jami

Justin T. 161 DU 12:12 with John

Carnivore 200DU 12:20 with Stoner

Bug sub 20:06 with Tarah

John H. 231DU 12:12 with Justin

Firecracker 130DU 15:53 with Monkey

Vista 18:51 with BMR

Monkey 218DU 15:53 With Firecracker

Allison J. 150S 21:23 with Susie

Stephen M. 14:57 1/2 alone

Jeff P. 70DU 16:22 with Chris

Bridget 17:52 with Natalie

BMR 18:51 with Vista

Chris C. 16:22 with Jeff P.

Megan 18:36 with Danielle

Natalie A. 17:52 with Briddget 

Susie Burpee 21:23 with Allison

Jimbo 260DU 12:20 with Silverback

Silverback 75DU 12:20 with Jimbo

Aaron 400S 15:35 with Corey

Mary F. 233S 18:34 1/2 alone

John M. 560S 17:17 ith Andres

Andre 55DU 17:17 with John

Jenna M. 207DU 15:30 with Lindsey

Supergirl 198DU 16:40 with Wonderwoman

Lindsey B. 127DU 15:30 with Jenna

Corey B. 15:35 with Aaron

Wonderwoman 165DU 16:40 with Supergirl

Geoff B. 380DU 18:11 with Elizabeth

Tony C. 553S 13:21 with Miquel

Stefan W. 57DU 13:03 with Alex

Alex P 489S 13:03 with Stefan

Ashley H. 420 S. 15:30 with Michael

Eliabeth W 145S 15:30 with Geoff

Miquel D. 500S 13:21 with Tony

Michael J. 95DU 15:36 with Ashley