Yoga on Sunday

Yes, we now offer a yoga class on Sunday mornings at 10.  Sign in on Mindbody just like you do for the wod.

Here are the details . . .

How long? About an hour and 15 minutes.

How Much? $10 drop-in or $75 for a 10 session pass.  You can either pay cash, we can charge you or you can purchase it online and pay with a credit card.

What is it? Astanga yoga is a vigorous yoga that is sometimes called power yoga. It involves doing a vinyasa between poses. Kari calls vinyasas the burpees of yoga and they seem to serve a similar purpose. :-)

Who can come? Of course CFTally members can come but also non-CFTally people can too! They also pay the same rates.

What's it like? The gym is a much more relaxing place during yoga. We turn the lights off and the fans. Kari plays some quiet yoga music then takes everyone through the poses. You'll get hot and sweaty but will feel refreshed and taller afterward. It is a really good active rest and good way to reset for another week of hard training.

Greg KeeterComment