Pumpkin Head

Today's WOD:

Pumpkin Head
Do the Math Deadlift: 10,000/7000 lbs
60 Wall balls 14/20lbs 9ft/10ft target
60 Partner Ball Throw Sit-up 20/14 lbs
Run 200m w/Pumpkin 
60 Hand Release Push-ups
60 Box Jumps 24/20"
3 rounds for time.
Time Limit: 40 Minutes
Deadlifts: Compute the weight/Reps that work for your team. For instance 250x40=10000 and 100x70=7000. Always round up. Deadlifts can be done anytime during the wod. All at once or distributed.
Only 1 partner works at a time except on the run and sit-ups.
If you break the pumpkin either replace it within the hour or pay 500 burpee penalty.


  1. Walk: Inside, Outside, Heel, Toe
  2. 20 Walking Lunge Steps
  3. Pacer Run 400m x2


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