The Brave Little Toaster



Partner Row 1,400m (switch every 350m for 2x's per partner)

Alternate With:

  1. Pos. 1 Snatch x3 w/bar
  2. Pos. 2 Snatch x3 w/bar
  3. Pos. 3 Snatch x3 w/bar (Focus on speed under the bar for snatch drills)
  4. 1 Skin-the-Cat
  5. 10 Doubleunders


Hamstring Stretch 


Food Drive Begins 11/17 but you can bring it in now!

Pull Day:

1RM Power Snatch: 10 Minutes

Snatch Deadlift 2x3 @110% of 1RM Snatch

Skills & Technique: (Click below for links to more info)


The Brave Little Toaster

2 Deadlift @85% of 1RM

20 Doubleunders 

8 Ring Dips

14 Minute AMRAP

Score Total Reps.